Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Man I'm slipping,way to long since my last post...am I bad LOL!!! Well we actually had Sunshine this past weekend It was Georgeous!!!! It was my Birthday on Father's Day,so my family & I went for a hike to Perry Creek Falls, Cranbrook B.C. It's a 1.2 km hike to the falls, it was sooo wonderful to be out in the bush again.We haven't gone on a hike like this for 7yrs. Since we lived in Alberta for 5yrs and where we lived was so flat,boring & no trees or water anywhere and camping in a farmer's field is not my cup of tea.Our dog LOVED it too!!! I definetly would recommend it to anyone who Love's to go hiking.There was a old miner's cabin along the trail.The Falls used to be called the "Jewlery Box" in 1864 and the miners drilled a hole in a rock were the water falls through it's still there.It was high water so the amount of water that was coming over the falls was loud!!! The spray off of it would have soaked you if you would have stayed by it for and length of time. I am very fortunate to have experienced this and too enjoy the Great Outdoors once again with my family!!! It gives me "A Sense Of Comfort" to beable to have moved back to a Beautiful Province like Britich Columbia Canada, it's in our blood to be back where and what we Love to do!!! TTYS DeeDee