Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wells Gray Country: Airplane Tour and Waterfalls

I just wanted to share this video of my Hometown,hope you Enjoy it!!!! It definetaly is a must see if you are wondering of where to go on a holiday Check It Out!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The first sign that Fall has arrived in my yard.Yikes!!! Where did our summer go : (  : ( ....Mind you I do like Fall with all the Beautiful colours of the leaves & the warmth of the sun.It definetly gives me "A Sense Of Comfort" What is your favorite time of year? I would Love to hear from you....XOXO DeeDee

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

These Old Cookbooks belonged to my Great Grandmother "Nanny" & the Recipe Box was my Grannies,so many yummy recipes one Favorite recipe that my Grannie made for her grandkids was the Thimble Cookies (picture) and she filled them with her homemade jams!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Grannie gave me a set of 4 of these bean pot when I was a teenager.I remember the day (a long time age LOL!!!) when we went down into her basement I Loved going down there it was small, damp feeling and the smell I will never forget :) It was Grannie & Grandpa's House.They were on a shelf at the back of the basement past the washer/dryer in a small room full of her canned treasures (like cherries,peaches etc.) She asked me if I would like to have these of course I said Yes.So she found a box big enough to hold them,then we carefully took them down and wrapped them to protect them from any damage.Then my Dad came downstairs to pick up the box and put them into the truck.Thank You Grannie XOXO
I posted a video of the Medalta Pottery Company Museum that made these pots,hope you enjoy it!!! TTYS DeeDee

A 3-minute visit to the Medalta Pottery Museum in Medicine Hat from Doug Sephton on Vimeo.