Wednesday, September 15, 2010

These Old Cookbooks belonged to my Great Grandmother "Nanny" & the Recipe Box was my Grannies,so many yummy recipes one Favorite recipe that my Grannie made for her grandkids was the Thimble Cookies (picture) and she filled them with her homemade jams!!!


  1. I love old recipe books too ~ they're such treasures. Isn't it fun to look at some of the odd recipes that were once thought to be glamorous (usually involved jelly molds!). Some of the recipes are wonderful, and fun to re-introduce to a new generation.
    Cheers (and bon appetite!) ~

  2. Hi DD,
    I found your blog on my blog hopping list at my blog. So nice to visit you. Your blog is very interesting and seems like a wide variety of subjects going on.. really cool.
    I want to go see EAT PRAY Love..
    hugs, Darlene

  3. Hi Dawn
    Yes they are treasures,I also remember my Grannie making jello with carrots & celery in a mold.Also at Christmas time the Feast that she made and the desserts,I think she had every kind that there was in her cookbook,and you had to try everything she insisted.Bon Appetie to you too My Friend.XO DeeDee

  4. Hi Darlene
    LOL!!that's where I found your blog.Thank you for visiting my blog.I really enjoy looking at yours,I have been working on my first mixed media piece.I've been looking at other artists works for inspiration and yours caught my eye.I was not sure what mixed media was all about then i just started to check it out.What a wide variety of pieces and I'm still not sure about the meaning of some of them are.I am always quetioning my art I like what I see but I'm not sure if it is good enough to sell any of it.I guess I'm my worst critic,I ask my Family what they think and the are very open to tell me what they think.I will keep on with what I Love to do just wish I had more time to go into my Craftroom.When you go and see Eat,Pray,Love tell what you thought about it.Great chattin' with you...TTYS XO DeeDee