Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hi All!!!
Well it's been a long day.I've been working on my blog all day it seems,trying to add differnt things to make it look better from when I first started.It's coming together like peanut butter and jelly ;) ;)!!! The weather outside is rainy so it is giving all of mother nature's beauty a good drink.I just LOVE it when everything turns green and smells FRESH.I better go for know and get somethings done around the house then head to my craft room.TTYS!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Afternoon!!!
Well it's been a couple weeks since my last post. What have you been up too? Myself I've started a couple new craft is a purse for my daughter ( i'm practicing on her) so I can try to sell them at our local Farmers Market along with some other crafts that I have done over the past few months.I have just gotten back into making things ( i kinda lost that crafty feelin' for awhile) I'm sure glad I have found it again!! The best time for me to go to my craftroom is in the evenings when I'm not being a Taxi for my children. My days are long and fulfilling as I look after other peoples children in my house and every day is a challenge,and today is one of those days...I have a new little girl today.It's been a long day everyone is laying down for a nap so this is my time to do what I want.I can check some thing off my "To Do List" and have that Sense Of Comfort that hey I did do lots today!!! Chat Later!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Morning!! Sure hope everyone had a Wonderful Easter...Ours was Great!! We had my parents as well as my husbands parents here for the whole weekend. Why does it seem to go by way to fast? Then it takes forever to see them again...We had a ham dinner on Saturday and our turkey on Sunday,MMMMM!!! Know too make soup.The Easter Bunny gave the kids a chocolate rabbit & a poster for their rooms....the things you do when your kids are teenagers (i would have anyways :) ) The excitement still in their eyes as you give them something unexpected...Gives me that Sense Of Comfort to see the little child in them.Have yourself a lovely day!!! TTYS DeeDee