Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Hump Day!!!! I was talking to my Mom the other day (actually i talk to her everyday) about how fast my kids are growing up my daughter is going to be in Gr.11 in September...OMG!!! How time flies it seems like yesterday I was in High School.It's been 23 years since I Graduated from CSS.I am very Proud Mom :) my kids are very well behaved and do Awesome in school (i've had total strangers that have commented on how polite my kids are).My daughter is on the Honor Roll once again YAY!!! I just dropped her off for her Candystripping at our local hospital she goes every Wednesday.My son he's in Boxing & Lacrosse.He has had 3 boxing matches and has Won 2 of them one of witch was at the 2010 Alberta Golden Gloves,he came in second in his 60kg weight class.So I guess my Sense Of Comfort is knowing that my Husband & I have done a Wonderful Job of raising two Beautiful Children!!! TTYS

Monday, March 29, 2010

Good morning!!! Well another weekend come and gone.I got alot of things done off my "To Do List" sure makes one feel good when you have done something instead of waisting ones time on not doing anything. It's raining out....things will be getting green again isn't that a good feeling? I would say so...I've started some seeds inside, can't wait to plant them in Mother Earth.This year we will be planting a vegatable garden as well as my flower gardens,soooo looking forward to having our own fresh veggies YUMMMM!!! Have yourself a very merry day :)!!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Good Morning All!!! I'm up early once again,my days start at 5:30am. So I'm up before the birds.Not sure what kind of day it's going to be,I'm sure it will be a wonderful day (as one makes his/her choices in how your day will turn out).I'm going to have a busy day filled with different challanges and excitment!! Have yourself a Glorious Day...Tell me what your Sense Of Comfort Is,I would Love to hear from You.TTYS

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I decided to start blogging to express myself on different thing in my life. You probably are wondering on my blog name " A Sense Of Comfort" just felt right,like a pair of your favorite pj's or that certain smell(s) that take you back to something special or reminds you of that wonderful person in your life.I will be posting pictures of different things that have or do give me that "Sense Of Comfort" TTYS