Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gotta Love Memories!!!

Well the last 2 days I didn't have any children to look after so I've been busy painting our mantle & open shelving that joins the livingroom & stairwell in the house.My kids are on Spring Break for 2 weeks so my house has been full of extra teenagers.One of my daughters friends came from Ontario to spend a week here with her friends so our house is Home base for all to hang out.So last Friday I had 20 teens in the house YIKES!!! My daughter put on a "Welcome Home Party" for her friends.I made it ;  ) Thank goodness they are "Nerds" as my daughter refers to them as they watch movies,play video games,chat,text etc. Totally different from when I was a teenager,not that I was bad but we did partake in things.
They are getting ready for a party at their friends right know and it has reminded me of when my girlfriends & I would get ready for our outings to a party or a school dance...Definetly Different!!!! How times have changed  from 24 years ago.
I Miss You Girls--Kerry,Lisa & Marie Thanks For The Good Times!!!