Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Afternoon!!!
Well it's been a couple weeks since my last post. What have you been up too? Myself I've started a couple new craft is a purse for my daughter ( i'm practicing on her) so I can try to sell them at our local Farmers Market along with some other crafts that I have done over the past few months.I have just gotten back into making things ( i kinda lost that crafty feelin' for awhile) I'm sure glad I have found it again!! The best time for me to go to my craftroom is in the evenings when I'm not being a Taxi for my children. My days are long and fulfilling as I look after other peoples children in my house and every day is a challenge,and today is one of those days...I have a new little girl today.It's been a long day everyone is laying down for a nap so this is my time to do what I want.I can check some thing off my "To Do List" and have that Sense Of Comfort that hey I did do lots today!!! Chat Later!!

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