Thursday, August 12, 2010

I don't know if anyone else that finds rocks keeps them...Am I weird?? I just Love the way they look so unique each & everyone.Just like Us!!! When I was little I started out with a Agate Collection I still have it to this day,when my family would go on holidays I would find just that special one to add to it,there was the odd one that wouldn't be a Agate.But I didn't care it was still special,my Dad would help me he would write the location on a bandaid and wrap it around then...Thank You Dad!!!

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  1. Yes...very are as weird as me...laughs*
    I loooooooooove picking up rocks, and asking people to bring me a small rock from those far away places they visit. A friend of mine carried with her a small white rock from the Jordan River, how sweet is that? I have a rock from his last resting place on earth, because I was not able to be there...and life goes on, but rocks remember, they are made of the same material as us...and the stars.
    I like your blog, those old pics of people walking arm in arm...I have one of my mother and my grandmother, I am going to place it in my blog thanks to you for giving me the idea. Bright Blessings. Griselda