Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I had to take a picture of these two (our puppy dog & the little girl i look after),they were watching four deer across the street.They both stood their for quite some time.


  1. What sweet sweet pictures. I love your waterfall pictures!!! When I was much much younger my parents took us up to B.C. For a two week camping trip. One of my all time favorite memories is my sister and I stripping down to our unders (we were only 10) and playing in a waterfall my parents had found when we hiked. They wanted to go...but they let us stay and play all afternoon. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!!

  2. Thank You for your Sweet Sweet Comment : ) : )
    Do you remember where abouts you went for your 2 week camping trip? I'm just curious to see if I have been there or not,I have many camping trip memories with My Parent & Sister It's one of our Favorite things to do as a Family and I have continued with My Own Family!! DeeDee