Monday, May 3, 2010

Good Morning!!!
Well another month has come and gone...where does the time go? A month left of school HOLY!!! Hopefully we will get to do some camping, besides just once like we did last year,that was pretty sad and it was on Mayday long weekend last year and it is approching us very quickly once again!! My family & I went for a drive down to Creston B.C. on the weekend what a Beautiful drive we have never been down that way before.We will be going again thats for sure to get some Fresh Fruit MMMM!!!!I did buy some homemade jam--blackberry, and blueberry raspberry.Very tasty on my toast this morning.I just love to buy handmade items and go into antique stores.I LOVE the feeling I get when I look at antiques,I imagine who owned it,how old where they,what they looked like,what did their house look like?? (i could go on and on) It gives me "A Sense Of Comfort" to try to place myself back when they where alive.I would LOVE to go back in time!!! TTYS...Have A Wonderful Day!!!

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