Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Afternoon..were did my morning go?? Wishing you all a Happy belated Mother's Day,hope you had a Wonderful Day!! I had a mixed bag of emotions this weekend.It started at 9am Saturday morning...helped my sons boxing club set up for there boxing bouts at 7pm that night,then watched him play 2 games of Lacrosse during the day(his team won both games).It was my first time to watch him in a boxing bout,I didn't know weather to cry or yell with pride and excitment( he won his bout against a 17yr.old).Then we helped take everything down at 10:30pm. We went to the after party for Pizza,Pop & Beer what a nice way to end the boxing for the summer.We all got to sleep in on Sunday morning,then I did house work...nice way to spend mother's day.. hey!!?? Then this morning my mom told me my nephew got into a car accident last night,2 of the other boys are our cousins.Thank You Lord for keeping them safe with only cut and bruising..sure scared the sh+#* out of him.My "Sense Of Comfort" is having GOD in my life to let me enjoy life's ups & downs and to be Healthy & Happy in my LIFE!!! TTYS

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