Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Holiday Continued...
We stopped in Kaslo B.C. my friend and I wandered around the small town looking at the history (while our guys went golfing) We checked out the S.S. Moyie....I've only posted a few of many pictures I took.The first picture is on the ship of the Mens Smoking Room,then the Dining Room.I have to chuckle as I remember when I looked around the corner into the Galley Kitchen how the Chinese Cook startled me and made me jump (i was not expecting to see anybody-which is even more funny as he is not real) The picture of the Menu is from Dec 1904.There are many different rooms for passangers to rest while they were on their voyage.The beds and rooms are very small (people back then must have been very short) as you may notice the very tiny ladies shoes on the floor.Then in the back of the ship is were the women and children lounged.It is Amazing of the Craftmenship that went into this ship...I could of stayed there all day wandering around in amazment and imagening how life was back then,but I had to get back to Reality (oh how i would Love to go back in time) Like I said before if you get a chance to Tour the Kootney's this is well worth the trip.TTYS XOXO DeeDee

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